It’s unfortunate that when it comes to ensuring our homes’ security, most people take all the necessary measures to ensure that main doors are secure but put very little thought to garage door security. Most burglars target garage doors since they are aware that most people don’t take their garage door security very seriously. You don’t have to be most people and you need to ensure that every inch of your home is safe and secure. This article will show you how most crooks try to get through your garage doors and how you can stop them.

Ensure you lock your garage doors always

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When you drive around a neighborhood, it is not unusual to see garage doors that are left open even when there is no one at home. You need to ensure that your garage doors are always closed when you are going out or when you are not using your garage. Before breaking and entering a house, thieves always go around checking for homes that have their garage doors open before making a move.

One way to ensure that you lock your garage doors is by installing an automatic door closer. This provides security and closes garage doors whether you are around or not. You can also invest in a garage door monitor to act as a reminder to close your doors.

Ensure your garage door is in good working condition

You need to take the time to inspect your garage doors regularly to ensure they are in good working condition. A door that is broken down can easily be tampered with. The first thing crooks check before breaking into your home is that they search for a weak spot on your garage doors. If you find that your door is experiencing some problems ensure that you call in a specialized company that deals in garage door repair in Toronto. You can ask the company to help you upgrade the security on your garage door as well.

Never leave your door opener in your car

Some people have a tendency of leaving their remotes in their cars after leaving home or even when parked on their driveway. A thief can easily break into your car and reach for the opener easily. Imagine you are at work and someone breaks into your car and not only does he take your remote opener but also finds your registration card in your glove compartment. This will lead them directly to your home. You can sort this issue by buying a key chain remote. This way, you will have your opener with you at all times.

Use your smartphone connection to monitor your garage door

You can connect your garage door sensors to your smartphone and this way you can open and close your garage doors even when you are away from home. This technology sends you a notification when your doors open so you can easily know when someone has access to your garage. You can have a sticker to notify intruders that you have surveillance installed in your garage and this will discourage anyone from trying to break into your home.

Install a lockable latch on your garage door

If you are planning to go away on a long vacation, you can have an experienced garage door company come and install a lockable latch on your garage door. This way you can lock your garage doors using a padlock. Having a padlock on your garage door prevents burglars from fishing. Burglars push garage doors inwards to create an opening at the top and using a wire, they fish for the release. When a padlock is present, it makes it hard for burglars to access your house through your garage.

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