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Question: How large should the opening for the garage door be?

Answer: If you would like your door to work most efficiently, the opening should be framed about a ¼" smaller than the door. This is known as a jamb lap and it will help seal the door better than using an opening the same size as the door. The jamb lap will cover a small portion of the door face, and once the weather stops are installed, it will help seal out the elements. This applies for both commercial and residential doors.

Q: What is the "Standard White Door"?

Answer: The most common type of garage door that we get asked about is a “Standard White Door”. This is the style of garage door you see most often in your neighbourhoods. Even with a “Standard White Door” there are so many options available with different insulation values, panel and window configurations, and adding hardware accessories. But if you’re looking for something unique and more custom for your home and really want to stand out amongst the rows of houses, check out our “Decorative” designer doors and take advantage of the possibilities.

My garage door only lifts about 6 Inches?

Answer: Look at your Torsion springs one might be broken. Do not Attempt to adjust Torsion springs should only be repaired by a qualified technician. Contact Express Garage Doors for a quote

My garage door opener will not close.

Answer : Check your Photo eyes at the bottom corners of the door to make sure they are functional and not obstructed. For help contact us!

My opener runs but the door will not move.

Answer: Check to make sure your trolley is engaged. If it is, your gear could be stripped. Contact us for your options to repair your model or replace it with a Liftmaster® professional garage door opener.