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Markham Garage Door Repair and Opener Services

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installations and repairs of commercial and residential garage doors in Markham we do opener , springs ,cable and drum repair and replacements

Garage Door Repair and Installation in MarkhamYour Markham home is your pride and joy, you have worked hard for many years to own it so of course you want it to look as best as it possibly can.  By simply upgrading your garage door through a quick and easy garage door installation you can really give your home a makeover.  Express Garage Doors also provide repair services that include garage door spring installation and much more.

Garage Door Repair and Installation in Markham

  • Garage doors have a lot of moving parts, with constant use you will eventually need to have a new garage door spring installed into your Markham home. It is strongly advised that this only be done by trained professionals.  The garage door spring installation needs to be handled with great care as the springs are very powerful.
  • Another essential part of your Markham garage door installation is the garage door cable. This must be perfectly aligned.  We make sure that when the garage door installation is complete we test the garage door’s ability to open and close smoothly.
  • Maintenance of your Markham garage door following the installation is very important. As the Express Garage Doors team has installed the garage door, you will not have to worry about any immediate failures, but by keeping an eye on all of the intricate components of the door over time will allow us to spot any potential problems.
  • Complete garage door installations are what we do best, we can have your old garage door removed and a new one installed in no time. Our many satisfied customers in the Markham area are always amazed at how nice their home looks after a their new garage door installation.

Getting in touch with the Express Garage Doors team is the first step to repairing or replacing any component of your garage door.  If you have even a slight suspicion that your garage door is not working as it should then contact us today and we can help identify what the issue is and have it fixed in no time.

Same Day Local Markham Professional Commercial Garage Door & Opener Service

Markham Garage door is your  ideal Source for Commercial Overhead Door & Opener Repairs & Maintenance.

  • Undergound Parking & Parkade Doors & Gates
  • Rolling Steel Garage Doors
  • Warehouse & Service Bay Overhead Doors
  • Sliding / Swing Gates & Gate Operators
  • Counter Shutters
  • Rolling / Sliding Security Grilles
  • Trolley & Side Mount Openers
  • Docking equipment
  • Truck doors
  • Commercial door operators

For more info on Markham Garage door repair please call now: 647-277-1182