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At Gatineau Garage Door Service, we have over 16 years of experience providing residential garage door and commercial garage door services in Gatineau. We provide many styles of garage doors and openers from top brands like Craftsman, Linear,  Sears, and Liftmaster, and we can collaborate with you or any other professional contractors you may be working with to help you select the door that is best for your needs. We also provide comprehensive services including professional maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and parts replacement for all types and styles of garage doors.


Garage door repair

Crashed Door Service

In Gatineau Garage Doors, one of our specialties is to fix a garage door that want out of his track, we will get your garage door running like new again within a reasonable time frame! We have all the experience and tools available to take care of any garage door repair problem, which includes bent doors.


Garage door repair

Garage Door Parts

In case you have damaged garage door tracks, destroyed sprockets, or you are in need of new cabling, our specialists have a solution for now for our same day service.

Garage door repair

Garage Door Springs

Gatineau Garage Door only cary the most reliable torsion & extension springs available to make sure they last for a while! We also provide you with a 1 year warranty on our work. You will have a working garage door again in no time.

Garage door repair

Commercial Doors

We have specialist that only deal with commercial garage doors, warehouse doors & more for local businesses in the area. No garage door project is too difficult!


Garage door repair

Garage Door Sales & Install

Need a completely new door? Our company offers all varieties of used and new custom garage doors so you can feel comfortable knowing that you'll get the service you deserve at a fantastic value.

Garage door repair

Garage Door Openers

When your current garage door opener quits on you, contact the best. Our skilled specialists distribute the highest quality models on the market, and install and service every single manufacturer, make and model. We sell keypads & laser eyes

Garage door repair

Weather Seals

Garage door weather seals help in keeping bad weather, grime and the rare insect or rodent out of your garage. weather seals Reduces heating costs. Reduction of damp air currents in the home.

Garage door repair


Is your garage door not working as it use yo work? , is it bouncing off of the rails ?. Our garage door specialist will provide a comprehensive tune-up and ensure that all your components are all set. You'll save a lot of money on really expensive repairs later on if you ask about a tune-up today.

Garage door repair

Panel Replacement

Did you hit one of your panels with your car ?Do you have a dented or busted panel on your garage? Our technicians are skilled at in fixing and replacing broken or dented garage door panels.